Garden Hanging Rattan Round Nest Cushion Porch relax Swing Birds Leisure Outdoor Chair

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Basket size:132*131*73cm


Basket material:8*1.2mm

Base material:42*1.5*2.5mm

Gross weight:46.9kg

Net weight:43.2kg


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This cradle chair is designed to add luxury and comfort to the outdoor space. Each cradle chair is made of durable and waterproof synthetic resin woven material, perfect for outdoor use in gardens, terraces or balconies. Cradle chairs include a number of different sizes and they are all equipped with soft and luxurious cushions to provide optimal comfort and support. The neutral colors of the woven materials and MATS provide a stylish and modern look that can be adapted to a variety of outdoor decorating styles. Cradle-chair lifting allows them to be suspended from tree branches, balconies or other supporting frames, providing flexibility and variety in use. The set of sofas creates a luxurious, comfortable outdoor space perfect for relaxing with friends or family while enjoying the natural beauty around them. The durable and waterproof nature of the synthetic resin braided material makes these sofas ideal for use in outdoor environments, as they are resistant to damage from weather and natural environments.

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Brand Lan Gui
Type Swing Chair
Application: Home Office, Bedroom Room, Outdoor
Product Name: rattan Chair
Place of Origin: America
Function: Relieve Stress
Design Style: Modern
Material: Rattan

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