Roman umbrella

  • Custom furniture patio garden cantilever umbrella outdoor

    Custom furniture patio garden cantilever umbrella outdoor

    The Roman umbrella with LED lights combines shading and lighting, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable outdoor space both day and night. Its umbrella provides a wide shading area to block direct sunlight, while LED lights provide a soft and warm lighting effect for nighttime use. LED lights are usually arranged at the edge or center of the umbrella or umbrella surface, and can be presented in a series of lights or distributed throughout the umbrella surface to provide a soft and bright lighting effect for the surrounding area. This Roman umbrella has adjustable tilt Angle and height options, the user can adjust the Angle and height of the umbrella surface according to the need, and control the switch and brightness of the LED light by the control switch or remote control. LED lamps have the characteristics of low energy consumption and long life, making this Roman umbrella with lower energy consumption and longer service life. In addition, the Roman umbrella with LED lights also has a variety of design options, including different colors, shapes and lighting effects, so that you can choose the right style according to your personal preferences and decorative needs, harmonizing with the outdoor environment and adding beauty.