outdoor aluminum frame furniture waterproof balcony bistro dining table sets for resort

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This modern minimalist style dining table and chair set is manufactured by Lan Gui brand. The material is made of metal, the appearance is simple and durable, and the humanized design makes the sitter most comfortable. The entire furniture series is fashionable and modern, suitable for various home decoration styles, and is the ideal furniture choice for those who pursue high-quality life.

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This dining set is made by Lan Gui, a furniture production brand known for its high quality and excellent carving workmanship. The whole set of dining table and chairs adopts a modern and simple style in design, and the material is metal, which is not only beautiful and elegant, but also very durable and practical. This set of dining table and chairs has excellent quality and clean lines to provide a comfortable dining environment for the family.

The surface of the dining table and chairs is painted with rich and long-lasting lacquer, the overall look is smooth, round and durable. The metal shelf has the advantages of strong stability and structural strength, effectively increasing the load-bearing capacity and service life of the chair. In addition, the design of the chair is humanized, and the shape and angle of the seat are carefully designed so that the user's body is in the most comfortable state when sitting. The appearance of the entire furniture series is stylish and modern, suitable for various home decoration styles.

All in all, this set of dining table and chairs is made of high-quality materials and excellent workmanship. It is an ideal choice of furniture for those who pursue a high-quality life. Whether it is in terms of specifications, appearance or function, it meets the needs of modern families. Whether you are a student, white-collar worker or housewife, using it can make your meal time more comfortable and enjoyable.



Brand Lan Gui
Type Outdoor chair and table
Application: Home Office, Bedroom Room, Outdoor
Product Name: outdoor chair
Place of Origin: America
Function: Relieve Stress
Design Style: Modern
Material: aluminum

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